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Which window tinting to opt for?

The cost of window tinting can differ based on the type of tint (dyed, metallic, carbon, or ceramic), the number of windows, and additional services such as UV or heat reduction. High-quality tints with superior aesthetics and performance may carry a higher price tag but provide enhanced privacy and protection.

How to choose the best service for you?

When selecting the top service provider in the UK for window tinting, consider the following factors:

The average time the service takes to complete the work, as this is a strong indicator of the attention and effort they allocate to a project:
• Front window: 1-2 hours
• Rear window: 2-3 hours
• Full car window: 3-4 hours
Workshop or mobile installer:
Our state-of-the-art 11,000 sqft workshop is equipped with dedicated window tinting bays for your vehicle. We have designated storage for all required materials, ensuring the proper care of your vehicle. Mobile tinting services simply cannot compete with the level of service we offer!

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Car window tinting at CBS Automotive in Cambridge offers a range of benefits that enhance your driving experience. Here's why you should consider investing:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Heat reduction and improved comfort
  • Glare reduction for safer driving
  • Protection for your car's interior
  • Efficiency and environmental friendliness
  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • Fade protection for occupants
  • Customization and personalization
  • Resale value enhancement

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is car window tinting legal in the UK?
Yes, window tinting is legal in the UK, but there are regulations regarding how dark the tint can be. Our professional team will ensure your tinting complies with the law.
2How much does car window tinting cost?
The cost varies depending on the type of vehicle and the level of tinting you desire. We offer competitive prices, and our expert team can provide you with a quote tailored to your needs.
3What are the benefits of window tinting?
Window tinting offers several benefits, including UV protection, increased privacy, reduced heat and glare, and enhanced security for your belongings inside the car.
4How long does the window tinting process take?
Typically, it takes a full day, but the time may vary depending on the complexity of the job. We'll give you an estimated completion time when you book your appointment.
5Can I choose the level of darkness for my tint?
Yes, you can choose from different tint darkness levels. Our experts can guide you in selecting the right tint based on your preferences and legal requirements.
6Will the tinting affect my visibility at night?
Our high-quality tints are designed to maintain good visibility at night. We'll ensure that your tint complies with safety regulations.
7Does window tinting block UV rays?
Yes, our tints block harmful UV rays, providing protection for you and your passengers from the sun's damaging effects.
8Can I get my existing tint removed or replaced?
Yes, we offer tint removal and replacement services. Whether you want to upgrade your existing tint or remove it, we can help.
9How long will the tint last?
Our tints are designed to be long-lasting. With proper care, they can last for many years, providing value for your investment.
10Does window tinting come with a warranty?
Yes, we offer warranties on our window tinting services. The duration and coverage will depend on the type of tint and service you choose. Our team will provide you with all the details.
11Can I still roll down my tinted windows?
Yes, our professional installation ensures that you can still roll down your tinted windows without any issues.
12Is it possible to tint all windows, including the front windscreen?
Front windscreen tinting is restricted by law, but we can tint all other windows on your car to provide the benefits you're looking for.
13Do you offer mobile window tinting services?
Currently, we operate from our professional workshop. However, you can schedule an appointment, and we'll make the process as convenient as possible for you.
14How do I care for my tinted windows after installation?
We'll provide you with care instructions after installation. It's essential to follow these guidelines to ensure your tinted windows stay in great condition.

Which tint is for you?

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& aesthetics.

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