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The cost of cruise control systems can differ based on the brand, compatibility with your vehicle, and additional features such as integration with other driving assist technologies. More sophisticated systems with advanced capabilities may be more expensive but provide better performance and convenience.

How to choose the best installer for you?

When determining the leading installation company in the UK for speed control fitting, take into account the following aspects:

The average time the installer takes to finish the work, as it reflects the care and dedication they commit to each task:
• Standard installation: 3-4 hours
Workshop or mobile installer:
Our cutting-edge 11,000 sqft workshop features specialized cruise control installation bays for your vehicle. We have allocated storage space for all necessary components, ensuring the proper handling of your parts. Mobile installations simply can't compete with the quality of service we provide!


  • Easy to install

  • User Interface

  • Rostra Speed Control Stalk

  • Intelligent safety features

  • Disengages automatically when brake or clutch is activated

  • Compatible with manual and automatic gearboxes

  • Extends engine life – non mechanical interface

  • Improves safety and fuel economy

    How does it work?

    This is a feature in vehicles that allows the driver to set a desired speed for the vehicle to maintain automatically. Once activated, it takes over the throttle control and keeps the vehicle moving at a constant speed without the need for continuous acceleration by the driver.

    Setting the desired speed

    The driver activates the cruise control system, usually through a dedicated button or switch on the steering wheel or dashboard. They can then set the desired speed using buttons or controls provided for that purpose.

    Speed maintenance

    Once the desired speed is set, the system takes over and maintains the vehicle's speed without the driver's intervention. It uses sensors to monitor the vehicle's actual speed and adjusts the throttle position as needed to keep the speed constant.

    Disengaging the system

    It can be deactivated or disengaged in several ways. This can include pressing the brake pedal, pressing the clutch (in manual transmission vehicles), pressing the button or switch again, or turning off the engine.
    Modern systems may also include additional features or enhancements, such as:

    Speed adjustment

    Some systems allow the driver to incrementally adjust the set speed up or down while the speed control is active.

    Resume function

    If the speed control was previously deactivated, the driver can use the resume function to automatically restore the previously set speed without needing to set it again.

    Speed limiter

    This feature allows the driver to set a maximum speed that the vehicle will not exceed, acting as a speed cap rather than maintaining a constant speed.

    Adaptive speed control

    Advanced systems can use radar or other sensing technologies to automatically adjust the vehicle's speed to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead. This type of speed control can automatically accelerate or decelerate to match the speed of the preceding vehicle.
    Cruise control is typically used on long, straight stretches of road or highways to provide convenience and help reduce driver fatigue. However, it's important to remember that the driver should always remain attentive, keep their hands on the steering wheel, and be prepared to take control of the vehicle when necessary.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is Cruise Control, and how does it benefit my vehicle?
    Cruise Control is a system that helps maintain a consistent speed while driving. It enhances fuel efficiency, reduces driver fatigue, and ensures a more comfortable driving experience.
    2Is Cruise Control available for my vehicle model?
    We offer Cruise Control installations for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Contact us for specific compatibility details.
    3How much does Cruise Control installation cost?
    The cost of Cruise Control installation can vary based on your vehicle and the type of system you choose. Contact our sales team for a personalized quote.
    4Can I have Cruise Control installed on my manual transmission vehicle?
    Yes, we can install Cruise Control on both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Our team can provide options tailored to your vehicle type.
    5Is Cruise Control difficult to operate?
    No, Cruise Control is user-friendly. Our technicians provide guidance and ensure you understand how to use it before you leave the installation centre.
    6Does Cruise Control affect my vehicle's warranty?
    Typically, Cruise Control installation does not void your vehicle's warranty. However, we recommend checking with your manufacturer for specific details.
    7How long does the installation process take?
    Installation time can vary, but it usually takes a few hours. We'll provide an estimated completion time when you schedule your installation.
    8Is Cruise Control suitable for long road trips and motorway driving?
    Absolutely, Cruise Control is particularly useful for long journeys, as it helps maintain a constant speed and reduces driver fatigue.
    9Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on Cruise Control installations?
    Yes, we offer warranties on our Cruise Control installations. The terms and coverage may vary, so please inquire with our sales team for details.
    10Is Cruise Control suitable for all driving conditions, including city traffic?
    Cruise Control is best used on open roads and motorways. It may not be as practical for stop-and-go city traffic.

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