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Which Towbar to select?

The cost of towbars can differ based on the type, make, towing capacity, and additional features such as detachable or retractable systems. Premium models with advanced specifications may be more expensive but offer greater convenience and functionality.

How to choose the best towbar installer for you?

When selecting the top installation company in the UK for towbar fitting, consider the following factors:

The average time the installer takes to complete the work, as this is a strong indicator of the attention and effort they allocate to a project:
• Fixed towbar: 4-7 hours
• Detachable towbar: 4-7 hours
• Retractable towbar: 6-8 hours
Workshop or mobile installer:
We operate from an 11,000 sqft workshop featuring dedicated towbar installation bays for your vehicle. Our facility has designated storage for all components, ensuring proper care for your parts. Mobile installations simply cannot match the level of service we provide!

Towbar Options

Detachable Swan Neck Towbar

This combines the advantages of the swan neck towbar with the ability to remove the towbar neck when not in use.

Benefits: Unobtrusive design, compatibility with AL-KO stabilizers, and the added benefit of being removable to maintain the vehicle's aesthetics.

Best for: Those who require regular but not constant use of a towbar and want to maintain their vehicle's original look.

Fixed Swan Neck Towbar

Swan neck towbars, as the name suggests, feature a sleek, 'swan neck' design. They offer a neater appearance as they are less noticeable on the vehicle.

Benefits: Aesthetically pleasing design and compatibility with AL-KO stabilizers, commonly used in European caravans. They also cause fewer issues with parking sensors.

Best for: Those prioritizing aesthetics and users of caravans with AL-KO stabilizers.

Fixed Flange Towbar

The fixed flange ball towbar is the most traditional and commonly used type of towbar in many parts of the world. Its versatility lies in its ability to accept different types of tow balls, allowing it to accommodate a variety of trailers and accessories.

Benefits: It can tow heavy loads and is capable of accommodating a bumper protector, cycle carriers, and other accessories.

Best for: Those who tow regularly, such as commercial users or caravaners, and those needing to attach additional accessories.

Detachable Flange Towbar

This type offers the same versatility as the fixed flange towbar but with the advantage of being removable when not in use.

Benefits: The towbar neck can be removed when not in use, preserving the vehicle's aesthetic appeal and preventing accidental knocks.

Best for: Those who want the utility of a flange towbar without it being a permanent fixture on their vehicle.

Towbar Benefits

A properly installed Towbar ensures secure and stable towing, minimizing the risk of accidents or trailer sway during transportation.

 Knowing that you have a reliable and properly installed Towbar gives you peace of mind during towing, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a towbar, and why should I consider having one installed on my vehicle?
A towbar, also known as a trailer hitch, is an accessory for your vehicle that allows you to tow trailers, caravans, and other equipment. It's a versatile addition that opens up a world of possibilities for your journeys.
2How does a towbar work, and what are the benefits of having one professionally installed on my vehicle?
A towbar provides a secure connection point for towing trailers and other items. Professional installation ensures a safe and reliable connection, expanding your vehicle's functionality for activities like camping, boating, and more.
3Are towbars standard on vehicles, or do I need to purchase one separately?
Towbars are not standard on most vehicles. They are separate accessories that you can purchase and have professionally installed to accommodate your specific towing needs.
4Can I install a towbar on my own, or is professional installation necessary?
Professional installation is highly recommended for safety and peace of mind. Skilled technicians ensure a secure fit and compliance with local regulations.
5What types of towbars are available, and how can I choose the right one for my vehicle and towing requirements?
Towbars come in various types, including fixed, detachable, and retractable towbars. Our experienced sales team can assist you in selecting the perfect towbar to match your vehicle and towing needs.
6Are towbars compatible with different trailer sizes and towing equipment?
Yes, towbars are versatile and can be fitted with various towing equipment, including trailer hitch balls and safety chains. They are designed to accommodate different trailer sizes and types.
7Can I use a towbar to tow any type of trailer or caravan?
The compatibility of a towbar with specific trailers depends on your vehicle's towing capacity and the trailer's specifications. Our experts can provide guidance on selecting the right towbar for your towing requirements.
8How long does it take to install a towbar professionally, and what is the process involved?
The installation time can vary depending on the type of towbar and your vehicle. Professional installers typically complete the job efficiently and ensure it's done correctly.
9Do I need to modify my vehicle to install a towbar, and will it affect my vehicle's warranty?
In most cases, towbar installations do not require vehicle modification, and they should not affect your vehicle's warranty. It's important to verify with the manufacturer to ensure compliance.
10Can I remove the towbar when it's not in use, or is it a permanent installation?
The installation type depends on the towbar. Fixed towbars are typically permanent, while detachable and retractable towbars can be removed when not in use, providing flexibility.
11What safety features and regulations should I be aware of when using a towbar for towing?
Safety features may include safety chains, trailer brakes, and proper lighting. It's crucial to comply with local towing regulations and ensure safe towing practices.
12Are towbars compatible with electric or hybrid vehicles, and do they affect the vehicle's efficiency?
Towbars can often be installed on electric or hybrid vehicles, but it's essential to check compatibility and consult with professionals to ensure safety and minimal impact on efficiency.
13How do towbars fit into my overall vehicle lifestyle, and can they expand the versatility of my vehicle?
Towbars are a valuable addition to your vehicle, enhancing its versatility for outdoor activities, travel, and towing various loads. They provide endless opportunities for adventures.

Which towbar is for you?

detachable swan neck

Detachable Swan Neck

Fixed Swan Neck towbar

Fixed Swan Neck

detachable fixed flange

Detachable Flange

fix flange towbar

Fixed Flange

Seamless Towing with Our Top-of-the-Line Dedicated Wiring Kit

We proudly offer our top-of-the-line Dedicated Wiring Kit for Towbar installation, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free towing experience. Here's why you should choose our wiring kit at CBS Automotive:

Tailor-Made Excellence

Our custom-designed wiring kit ensures perfect fit, flawless integration, and optimal performance for your vehicle and towbar.

Safety First

Ensure road safety with our high-standard Dedicated Wiring Kit, offering reliable electrical connections and built-in protective features.

Streamlined Installation

Rely on our skilled technicians for swift, expert installation of our Dedicated Wiring Kit, saving you time and effort with a professional outcome.

Versatile Functionality

Tow with confidence: our versatile wiring kit powers trailer lights, indicators, and brakes, ensuring proper illumination and signaling to drivers.

Trusted Expertise

Industry-trusted experts: With years of experience, our knowledgeable technicians offer expert guidance and exceptional service for towbar installations, ensuring your satisfaction.

auto functionality
& aesthetics.

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