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Which parking camera to opt for?

The price of parking cameras can differ based on the brand, type (rear-view or 360-degree), resolution, and extra features such as integration with a display or parking sensors. More sophisticated systems with enhanced capabilities may carry a higher cost but provide better performance and ease of use.

How to choose the best parking camera installer for you?

When searching for the leading installation company in the UK for parking camera fitting, consider the following criteria:

The average time the installer takes to complete the work, which indicates the level of care and commitment they put into each project:
• Rearview parking camera: 3-6 hours
• Front parking camera: 3-7 hours
Workshop or mobile installer:
Our state-of-the-art 11,000 sqft workshop boasts dedicated parking camera installation bays for your vehicle. We provide designated storage areas for all required components, ensuring the proper management of your parts. Mobile installations simply aren't on par with the exceptional service we deliver!

Top Choices

Enhance Parking Visibility

Experience a comprehensive view of obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles, ensuring safer and more confident maneuvering.

How are reverse cameras installed?

The installation process depends on your vehicle and its current specifications. We will select and install the most suitable camera system for your vehicle. If your vehicle already has a navigation screen, we will integrate the camera unit to display on that screen. For vehicles without an existing screen, we can provide and seamlessly install a monitor on your dashboard or near the rearview mirror. Our skilled and experienced technicians handle your vehicle with the same care they would give to their own, ensuring it is in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How does a parking camera work, and why should I consider one for my vehicle?
A parking camera utilises a camera mounted on the rear of your vehicle to capture live video footage of the area behind you, which is displayed on a screen inside your car. It's a fantastic addition because it reduces the risk of collisions with objects, pedestrians, or other vehicles while parking or reversing.
2What are the key advantages of installing a parking camera in my vehicle?
The primary benefits include enhanced safety, reduced blind spots, improved manoeuvrability, and increased confidence while parking in tight spaces or around obstacles.
3Are parking cameras standard on most vehicles, or do I need to consider them as an extra feature?
While parking cameras are becoming increasingly common on newer vehicles, they are often available as optional or aftermarket features, allowing you to equip your current vehicle with this useful technology.
4Can I add a parking camera to my vehicle if it doesn't come with one from the factory?
Absolutely! You can enhance your vehicle with an aftermarket parking camera, even if it didn't come with one when you purchased it. This is a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of this technology.
5What types of parking cameras are available, and how can I choose the best one for my needs?
There are various types of parking cameras, including rearview, front, side, and multi-camera systems. The choice depends on your specific requirements and preferences, and our experts can guide you through the selection process.
6Can I rely on parking cameras in all lighting conditions, or are there limitations?
Most parking cameras perform well in various lighting conditions. However, high-quality cameras often feature additional technology, such as infrared or night vision, to excel in low-light situations.
7How can I view the video feed from the parking camera while driving?
The video feed from your parking camera is typically displayed on a screen within your vehicle, such as your infotainment system, the rearview mirror, or a dedicated monitor.
8Can I install parking cameras at both the front and rear of my vehicle for complete coverage?
Yes, many vehicles can be equipped with both front and rear parking cameras, providing a comprehensive view of your surroundings for both parking and manoeuvring.
9Are parking cameras compatible with towing equipment, and how can they be helpful in such situations?
Yes, parking cameras can be compatible with towing equipment, and some systems offer a tow mode that allows you to switch between camera views when towing a trailer or caravan, enhancing safety and manoeuvrability.
10Do parking cameras require regular maintenance, and how can I keep them in optimal condition?
While parking cameras are generally low-maintenance, they may require occasional cleaning to ensure a clear view. Our experts can guide the best maintenance practices.
11How do parking cameras fit into my overall vehicle safety strategy, and are they a replacement for safe driving practices and checking blind spots?
Parking cameras are a valuable addition to your safety toolkit, providing extra confidence and reducing blind spots. However, they are not a substitute for safe driving practices and checking blind spots, which remain essential for overall road safety.

Is it possible to install a reverse parking camera on my vehicle?

Our installation team is capable of fitting a variety of camera kits to most vehicles. Get in touch with us, and we will provide guidance on the compatibility of your vehicle. Rest assured, we will recommend the reverse camera kit that offers optimal value and performance to meet your needs.

Which parking camera is for you?

auto functionality
& aesthetics.

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