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Which Apple CarPlay system to pick?

The cost of Apple CarPlay systems can vary based on the brand, compatibility with your vehicle, and additional features such as integrated GPS, touchscreen interface, or reverse camera input. Advanced systems with enhanced capabilities may carry a higher price tag but provide superior performance and user experience.

How to choose the best Apple CarPlay installer for you?

When searching for the top installation company in the UK for Apple CarPlay fitting, consider the following criteria:

The average time the installer takes to complete the work, which indicates the level if care and commitment they out into each project:

         Installation: 4-7 hours

Our state-of-the-art 11,000 square foot workshop boasts dedicated Apple CarPlay installation bays for your vehicle. We provide designated storage areas for all required components, ensuring the proper management of your parts. Mobile installations simply are not on par with the exceptional service we deliver!

All-in-one Convenience

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Simplify car startup with your iPhone

Certain 2021 car models now allow you to unlock and start your vehicle with an iPhone. Sharing keys is effortless, and even if your iPhone battery dies, the keys stay active for up to 5 hours.

The ultimate travel companion you need

CarPlay offers a safer way to use your iPhone while driving. Get directions, make calls, send messages, and enjoy music on your car's display. Now with more app categories and customizable wallpapers for the CarPlay Dashboard.

Allow your iPhone to guide you

CarPlay brings the convenience of Apple Maps to your car. Predictive guidance based on emails, texts, and contacts. Detailed city maps showcase roads, landmarks, and more. Quick access to favorite destinations and discovering new points of interest.

Stay connected while driving

Initiate calls, reply to missed calls, and access voicemail effortlessly with Siri. Simply ask and Siri will assist you with these tasks.
Apple carplay

Enjoy flawlessly curated music

Access and control your Apple Music subscription, plus other audio apps, through your car's built-in controls. Search, view, and play your favorite songs. Stream over 100,000 live radio stations with Siri's assistance.
apple messages

From reading and writing to listening and dictating

Send audio messages with Siri on iOS and CarPlay, keeping your eyes on the road. Siri can announce incoming messages and you can reply by voice. Share your ETA with contacts while using Apple Maps for seamless communication.
Apple calendar

Effortlessly manage your day while on the go

Stay organized on the go with the Calendar app. Get directions and join meetings hands-free using your car's audio system.

The future of CarPlay

The latest iteration of CarPlay delivers the ultimate iPhone integration for your car, seamlessly extending content across all driver screens, including the instrument cluster. With a harmonious design merging the best of your car and iPhone, CarPlay also takes charge of vehicle functions like radio and temperature control. Personalization features, such as widgets and curated gauge cluster designs, allow for a truly individualized experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Apple CarPlay, and why do I need it in my car?
Apple CarPlay is a fantastic in-car technology that seamlessly integrates your iPhone with your vehicle's infotainment system. It lets you access your music, navigation, messages, and apps safely while driving, providing a more connected and enjoyable driving experience.
2Is my car compatible with Apple CarPlay?
To check if your car is compatible, you can visit the Apple CarPlay website or contact our team for assistance. Many modern vehicles support CarPlay, but we can help you determine if your car can be upgraded to support this technology.
3Do I need to have an iPhone to use Apple CarPlay?
Yes, Apple CarPlay is designed to work exclusively with iPhones. It's the perfect companion for iPhone users, as it mirrors your device's functionality on your car's screen.
4Can I install Apple CarPlay in my older car?
Absolutely! We offer CarPlay retrofits for a wide range of car models. Our team can provide a bespoke solution to bring the latest CarPlay features to your existing vehicle, enhancing your driving experience.
5How long does the installation process take, and can I wait for it to be done?
The installation time may vary depending on your car's make and model. Generally, it takes a few hours, and you can comfortably wait for it in our customer lounge area. Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee while we transform your car with Apple CarPlay.
6Will Apple CarPlay affect my car's warranty?
No, Apple CarPlay installation is designed to be non-invasive, and it doesn't void your car's warranty. It's a reversible upgrade, ensuring your peace of mind regarding your vehicle's warranty coverage.
7Can I still use my car's built-in infotainment system alongside Apple CarPlay?
Yes, Apple CarPlay seamlessly integrates with your car's existing infotainment system. You can switch between CarPlay and your car's native features effortlessly, giving you the best of both worlds.
8What apps can I use with Apple CarPlay?
You can use a wide range of apps, including Apple Maps, Apple Music, Spotify, WhatsApp, and many more. New apps are constantly being added, making CarPlay a versatile and up-to-date system for your driving needs.
9Do I need a mobile data connection for Apple CarPlay to work?
While Apple CarPlay can function with a data connection, it is not always necessary. Many of its features work offline or can be accessed through your phone's data plan, depending on the app's requirements.
10How much does Apple CarPlay installation cost?
The cost of Apple CarPlay installation can vary depending on your car's make and model. Our expert team can provide you with a tailored quote, ensuring you get the best value for your upgrade. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and get a personalised quote.

You can install third party GPS apps

CarPlay now integrates third-party navigation apps into the Dashboard, expanding your options to reach your desired destinations.
Google Maps

Google Maps



Sygic Navigation and Maps

Sygic GPS



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