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Vehicle coding allows enthusiasts and professional tuners to extract maximum performance from a vehicle's engine and drivetrain. By adjusting parameters like ignition timing, fuel delivery, and turbo boost levels, coding can unlock additional horsepower, improve throttle response, and enhance overall acceleration.

How to choose the best Vehicle Coding for you?

When deciding on the top company in the UK for Vehicle Coding, fitting evaluate the following aspects:

The average time the installer takes to finish the work, which reflects the care and dedication they devote to each task:
• Vehicle Coding installation: 1-3 hours
Workshop or mobile installer:
We are workshop based with an 11,000 sqft facility with a dash cam installation bays for your car. We have designated shelving for your parts so everything is taken care of. Mobile installations simply can not compete with that!

Revolutionise Performance

Unlock the true potential of your vehicle and experience a whole new level of performance, safety, and customization.

Unlock Features and Capabilities

How does it work?

Vehicle coding works by accessing and modifying the electronic control units (ECUs) within a vehicle's system. ECUs are responsible for controlling various functions, such as the engine, transmission, brakes, and entertainment systems. Here's a general overview of how vehicle coding works:

Diagnostic Port Access

To access the vehicle's ECUs, a diagnostic tool or interface is connected to the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostic) port. This port is usually located under the dashboard or in the vicinity of the driver's seat. The diagnostic tool establishes a connection with the vehicle's onboard computer system.

Reading and Analyzing Data

Once connected, the diagnostic tool reads and analyzes the data stored in the vehicle's ECUs. This data includes information about the vehicle's current settings, parameters, and software versions. It provides a baseline for further customization and coding.

Programming and Modifying Parameters

Using specialized software, the diagnostic tool communicates with the ECUs and allows for the modification of various parameters. These parameters can include engine performance, fuel delivery, ignition timing, transmission shift points, safety features, and more. By adjusting these parameters, vehicle coding enables customization and optimization according to the user's preferences and requirements.

Uploading New Software

In some cases, vehicle coding involves updating the software running on the ECUs. This is done by uploading new software or firmware versions that contain the desired changes or improvements. These updates may come from the vehicle manufacturer or third-party sources specializing in vehicle coding.

Testing and Validation

After the coding modifications or software updates are made, the vehicle is typically tested to ensure that the changes have been implemented correctly and are functioning as intended. This may involve performing test drives, running diagnostics, or using specialized tools to verify the changes and ensure that they are safe and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is vehicle coding, and why do I need it?
Vehicle coding, also known as vehicle reprogramming, is essential for enhancing your vehicle's performance, safety, and efficiency. It enables customizations and updates to your car's software, ensuring it's tailored to your specific needs.
2Will coding void my warranty?
It's similar to updating your smartphone's software. However, always consult your manufacturer or dealer to ensure you're following their guidelines.
3Can I code my vehicle to unlock new features?
Yes, our experts can unlock a range of exciting features like multimedia options, and safety upgrades. It's a fantastic way to get the most out of your car..
4Is vehicle coding safe for my car?
When performed by experienced professionals, vehicle coding is entirely safe for your vehicle. It's like giving your car a software upgrade, enhancing its capabilities without causing harm.
5Can I revert the changes made through vehicle coding?
Yes, in most cases, you can revert coding changes if needed. It's important to work with a reputable coding expert who can provide backup and restore options to maintain flexibility.
6Will vehicle coding affect my car's resale value?
Vehicle coding can enhance your car's performance and features, potentially making it more appealing to potential buyers. It might even increase its resale value.

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